December 2, 2022

The electric car has become a revolution, turning the automotive market upside down. But in the electric car market itself, there are still many discoveries.

Waiting for a revolution – meet. The Luxgen n7 electric seven-seater crossover is the first model from the Taiwanese IT giant Foxconn. The design of the electric car was developed in the Italian studio Pininfarina.

The first images of the new Luxgen n7 have hit the Internet. The Taiwanese electric crossover will go on sale from October 15, priced from around $33,000.

The Luxgen n7 electric car is a joint development of the Yulon Motor concern and Foxconn, which is primarily known for producing the iPhone. Last year, a prototype electric car was introduced under the name Foxtron Model C, and two more Foxconn models were shown along with it.

The new Luxgen n7 is a seven-seater electric crossover with a length of 4640 mm and a wheelbase of 2860 mm. Its sleek design with thin headlights was developed by the famous Italian studio Pininfarina, and Foxconn created its platform.

It is known that the choice will offer versions with rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive with a capacity of up to 408 hp. With. The power reserve will be about 700 km, and the developers also promise ultra-fast charging of the electric car.

Pre-orders for the Luxgen n7 crossover are already being accepted, with an advance payment of just NT$1,000, or $32. The first buyers will receive special NFT tokens, as well as subscriptions for a year of free use of a network of fast charging stations.

The first Luxgen electric vehicles are promised to be delivered to customers in early 2023. Foxconn is also considering opening a plant in the US to supply cars to other countries.

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