June 11, 2024

At CES 2023 in Las Vegas, BMW unveiled an unusual concept car. BMW i Vision Dee (Digital Emotional Experience) can change color and react to the mood of its owner. The model is made in a minimalist design. BMW used E Ink Prism 3 technology to create the concept. It is reported that the technology can also be used in a wide variety of industries, including home appliances, retail, electronics and architectural decoration.

The BMW i Vision Dee is fully color changeable, with a palette of 32 different colors available and the body divided into 240 independently paintable segments, including rims.

Headlights and grille can reproduce different expressions of the “face” of the car. BMW believes that this way the driver can communicate, for example, with pedestrians, expressing joy or surprise.

The projection display occupies the entire area of the windshield, and even some of the side windows. BMW allows you to adjust the size of the display from a small strip to the entire surface of the windshield. The projection display can be controlled from the dashboard, which, in turn, is also a projection. The screen displays information about the state of the car and its movement, as well as augmented reality interfaces: for example, a projection of the predicted trajectory of a cyclist in the “blind zone”. A proprietary voice assistant is integrated into the display. In addition, it provides for the presence of some “digital avatars” that can interact with the driver. The production version of the head-up display will be used in BMW vehicles from 2025.

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