June 17, 2024

Chinese company GAC has presented an electric hypercar Hyper SSR, which will be produced under the subbrand Aion. Moreover, the novelty is still a working prototype, on the basis of which a serial model will be built in 2023.

The 4,538 millimeter-long and 1,988 millimeter-wide coupe has a full carbon-fiber body. A high-speed rising wing is integrated into the rear end, while a large diffuser is mounted in the lower part. Other highlights include narrow LED headlights, electrically operated lift-up doors and its own logo. By the way, the Aion emerged in 2018 as an electric car sub-brand of GAC, and in 2020 it was detached from its parent brand and has been developed independently ever since.

The model’s interior looks quite minimalist. There’s a 14.6-inch multimedia system display in the centre of the front fascia, an 8.8-inch digital dashboard above the steering wheel, almost by the windscreen, and almost no physical keys. Also noteworthy is the sporty, rectangular steering wheel. In addition, the hypercar will get a stabilization system with artificial intelligence, which predicts the best driving trajectory. The new Hyper SSR is available in two versions. It is only known about the base hypercar that it will accelerate up to a “hundred” in 2.3 seconds. Top modification Ultimate will have two electric motors with a total capacity of 1225 horse forces and 12000 Nm of torque taking into account gear ratio. This car will accelerate to 100 kilometres per hour in just 1.9 seconds.

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