June 11, 2024


Let’s not beat around the bush: Eletre reminds much of Lamborghini Urus. Moreover, originally not the most beautiful car was made even more terrible. Thus Lotus, which logo was hastily stuck on the “nose”, speaks about “porous” design and asserts that the body is capable of permeability of air. This aids cooling and improves aerodynamic properties, which is especially relevant for such a massive muzzle:

The radiator grille has also received a ‘porous’ design. When at rest, or to improve aerodynamics, it’s closed, but when the radiator needs airflow, its cells open up.There are lidars all over the body. This is for the future – the car could get an ‘over-the-air’ update with a full-fledged autopilot. One of the lidars is located between the two halves of the antifender above the Eletre’s rear window:

The interior is more exciting than the exterior. The centrepiece is a large 15.1-inch OLED display. It folds up automatically when not needed. In the back, you can install two separate seats or a sofa for three people. The top versions will have 2160-watt KEF Premium sound system. It includes 23 speakers capable of playing music in immersive formats.


In addition to the aforementioned qualities, a completely new modular Electric Premium Architecture platform is used here. It is said that all future electric cars of the brand will be built on it. Not much is known about the car. For example, its total power is more than 600 hp. It has a blistering performance – it accelerates to a hundred in under three seconds, and its top speed is 261km/h.

Price and availability

Sales of the Lotus Eletre will start in early 2023, with China, mainland Europe and the UK as its first markets. It is noteworthy that in Germany for the car in the basic version will ask at least 96,000 euros, and for the “top” version will have to pay from 151,000 euros.

Thus in China there will be no most simple modification, and “intermediate” variant S starts from a mark 113 000 dollars (≈ 6.9 million rubles), while the most “smart” R-crossover will cost the sum from 141 000 dollars.

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